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Lyudmila Korobeshko and Alexander Abramov went up to acclimatize to camp 1 on the slopes of Khosar Gang

18 October, 21:33: Day 3. Climb from base camp 3800 to camp 1 at 4800. The night at the Base camp went well. It was a little chilly, maybe near zero. But we threw bottles of hot water in our warm sleeping bags, and the local kids made us thick mattresses. We woke up around 7 am. The Sun came out only at 8.30, but immediately warmed up sharply. We had a delicious breakfast. Around 10 am, we went upstairs. The climb to the first camp took 4 hours and 1000 m of drop. The views were beautiful again. We walked along the ridge mostly, so the wind saved us from the heat. By 14.00 we came to camp 1 at 4800, had a cup of tea, and even found some Internet. Tomorrow, the plan is to move to the camp at 5300 and try to storm the summit on the same night. We are afraid of the strong wind that was forecast. Let's see what happens at the top… MORE »

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