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7 November 2023, 09:44. Giluwe, all programs »

Nikita Slotin, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Papua New Guinea:

 Greetings to all from Papua New Guinea from the group "I love PNG"! Today we had a busy day! We visited three local tribes at once. The history of the masked tribe is like this... Many, many years ago, this tribe began to be terrorized by other, larger tribes. And to protect themselves, they came up with the idea of dressing up as spirits, murdered tribesmen and scaring the invaders! Since then, they have kept these traditions and tell visitors about them. The second peace-loving tribe, who settled here about 100 years ago, dresses up in the feathers of the bird of paradise, which is depicted on the flag of the country. The third tribe, painted in the dead, symbolizes the connection with the ancestors, whom they buried openly across the river, without graves. The bones are still there. So they keep in touch with them. Tomorrow we plan to move to the lodge for climbing Wilhelm Peak.