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9 November 2018, 18:43. Carstensz Pyramid, all programs »

Our guide Artem Rostovtsev just called from Papua. He reported that the group, quite by accident, warming up on the fixed ropes, climbed to the top of the Carstensz Pyramid!  Hurray!

 Group members:

Yuri Gurgov,

Alexander Logachev,

Alexander Popov,

Kirill Semechkin,

Vladimir Belkovich.

The team just this morning flew to the base camp of Carstensz (4200). According to the plan they had to acclimatize tomorrow and only the day after tomorrow to go for summit climb. Well, they are so impatient ... climbed the first day…

 By this ascent Kirill Semeshkin completed the program "Seven Summits".