Providing expeditions
since 2005
18 September 2021, 22:05

Participants and guides: Garrett Christian Madison, Chase Allan Merriam, Jennifer Lynn Drummond (all from the USA), Alexey Lonchinsky, Viktor Afanasyev (guides from Russia).

 On September 14, the start is at 7: 00 from the Bezengi base. The path goes along the glacier and turn left – there is the Russians bivouac at 3500 . We got there at 14-30. On September 15, the start was at 6-00, we came to the VTSPS bivouac at 15-00. But we climb to the bivouac higher, where there is more space for tents, in total, we reached it at 16 o'clock.

On September 16, exit 5-30 and at 13 we were at the top  of Mount Dyh-Tau. We went down to the bivouac at 18 o'clock.

September 17 descent to the Bezengi base, exit at 7-00, finish at 18-00.

We climbed as standard, everything according to the plan. The weather was rather good, but we got into a thunderstorm on the top. We were lucky, there were only static discharges...