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Other expeditions of Seven Summits Club

Gusakovsky family had a great time at the arctic Svalbard

09/07/2016 10:06

We spent  unforgettable 10 days north of the 78 parallel.     The weather was hot for the north, almost +10. During this time, we managed to:   - To furrow  the sea on a boat Polyartsirkul, - Take a walk on the tundra and climb the Mount of Pyramid, - Communicate with deer ...

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Direction - Altitude! Tomorrow Season of the 7 Summits Club on Lenin Peak will be open

08/07/2016 15:13

July 9th  the first group of the 7 Summits Club fly in the Pamirs. A total of this season it  will be four groups  - a record number for our company. Lenin Peak - this is a great opportunity to really feel the altitude of the first step to the expeditionary mountaineering. Route at ...

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May trip to Armenia. Mount Aragats underfoot and Ararat (away)

26/05/2016 22:48

  Andrey Parshin has shared pictures from Armenia. At the May holidays, he was able to climb one of the peaks of Aragats - South. The weather was not always kind to guests. But in any case, the short journey was eventful and rich in experience. In particular, it was possible to observe a ...

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The results of the trip to Morrocco from Julia Ilnitskaya and Olga Zaichenko. Text and photos

16/05/2016 21:22

Julia and Olga were in the mountains of the High Atlas from 10 to 13 May and met the birthday of Olga Zaichenko on top of Mount Toubkal. Congratulations to Olga a happy birthday and a successful ascent! They did it so even though it was not easy!               ...

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Artem Rostovtsev tells of a sudden change in the target of his group - now they go to Ojos del Salado

27/01/2016 04:07

Hi, Seven Summits Club! It is Artem Rostovtsev from a South American program. I have already reported of the Ecuadorian pro, then we had the Peruvian, which ended early yesterday morning. We managed to see the ancient capital of the Inca city of Cusco, where everyone enjoyed it. And then we went to ...

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Alexander Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko - at the foot of the Matterhorn

09/10/2015 22:56

Hello! Alexander Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko from the foot of the Mount of Matterhorn. Now we are, half an hour ago, came to the hut Hёrnli. Chic new hut, and we managed to find a winter bay. It was on the second floor and have to climb the stairs. Well everything is inside: 20 beds, light, of ...

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Vladimir Gusakovsky: Briefly about a month in Australia and New Zealand

24/08/2015 19:49

Hello Luba, Marina, Olga! We have in Russia already. The second day in the air, and in that time we has not yet managed to realize that our nearly month trip to Australia and New Zealand is over. Thanks to Olga, who organized this wonderful trip. Thanks to Marina and Lyuba, who supported and ...

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Travel of Gusakovsky family to Australia and New Zealand continued

14/08/2015 12:33

  Family Gusakovsky (Vladimir, Tatiana and Margarita) - active participants of the 7 Summits Club programs, avid travelers, and well-known experts on Hibin and psychologists. Their trip to the "Far South" began on August 3. In the first half of the trip, they met all the best in a mountain ...

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Our first Altai group successfully climbed Mont Belukha

20/07/2015 22:11

All members of the group of 7 Summits Club successfully climbed the highest peak in the Russian Altai - mountain Belukha. The weather was beautiful, and almost all the way the sun was shining. Today  the second group starts. We hope that this time  the mountain will allow to climb to the ...

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The 7 Summits Club opens a new direction - Adventures in Spitsbergen (Svalbard)

28/02/2015 17:58

  Last Thursday, our manager Marina Nemirova went on a trip to Svalbard, particularly in the Russian city of Barentsburg. Today she sent the first message: Marina Nemirova: Our charter 737 landed on schedule in the archipelago of Svalbard in the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen. Arctic! This ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar exploring Ecuador, from the tops of volcanoes

27/02/2015 20:57

Hello, This is again Vladimir Kotlyar in touch! ))))) Now I am in Ecuador! Why am I here? Quite simply, the fact that I am madly loved South America and in my spare time, decided not to spend in vain, and to study other mountains of the region ... As in Peru and Bolivia, now it rains, I am in ...

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A huge collection of photos of Aconcagua from Roman and Olga Nizhankovskii. Many Thanks!

06/02/2015 22:09

  273 pictures of very high quality. The unique beauty of sunsets and sunrises on Aconcagua, the hardships and joys of climbing expedition of the group Todos Juntos, trekking, overnights, and, finally, the summit. So detailed that no needs longer climb yourself, everything is clear. BUT so ...

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Group of 7 Summits Club in Ecuador made the first ascent of the year

03/01/2015 22:49

Olesya Lelyushkina from Ecuador: According to the schedule, we climbed on Pasachoa on Iliniza Norte. On Iliniza suddenly began thunderstorm, lightning struck the iron cross, which stands on top just when we were there, we hurried down. We met the New Year in a beautiful hotel, and on January 1 went ...

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Alex Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko on the summit of Mount Etna

28/10/2014 00:56

The leaders of 7 Summits Club Alex Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko have climbed the highest active volcano in Europe. So they marked the thirteenth anniversary of their wedding. Every year - a new summit, in a new area.                     ...

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Welcome to the Kuril Islands!

24/09/2014 20:52

The member of a group of 7 Summits Club Julia Fomina shared their impressions and photos from the expedition to the Kuril Islands. "Everything was just great! Very good local guides. Everything was perfectly organized. They fed us local delicacies. I can't say that I like the most, because I liked ...

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Three more climb on the mountain of Giluve, in Papua New Guinea

21/10/2013 13:03

The message from clubmen of 7 Summits Club. Our three members Andrey Filkov, Alex Morozov, Vladimir Doronin just went down from the summit of Giluve. Everything is good, weather was fine. Such here happens seldom – practically never happens. Now they go down, details later. Mount Giluve is the ...

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Kuril Islands- rugged beauty. Photographs from the expedition of 7 Summits Club

26/08/2013 17:51

Kuril Islands- very rough country. Travelers should be patient and be able to wait. Due to the severe weather here is hard to get, hard to see in the fog, it is difficult to go back ... The Kuril Islands form part of the ring of tectonic instability encircling the Pacific ocean referred to as the ...

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A great day of departure for the 7 Summits Club

09/08/2013 10:55

Today, 9th of August is a great day for our Club. Three new big groups departed from Moscow to different directions. 1. Mount Kazbek expedition. It will be an international team, they meet in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Tour leader – Dmitry Ermakov. 2. The fourth in this season group of the ...

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A new world class achievement of Vyacheslav Adrov

02/08/2013 15:39

  One of the most active members of our Club Vyacheslav Adrov after traveling in Japan went to continue his adventure in the Hawaiian Islands. He climbed to the top of the highest (from sole to the top) mountain on Earth - Mauna Kea by motorcycle with a start out of underwater (with depth) of ...

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The first Russian woman on the top of Mount Kenia

11/03/2013 12:32


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