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Other expeditions of Seven Summits Club

Welcome to the Kuril Islands!

24/09/2014 20:52

The member of a group of 7 Summits Club Julia Fomina shared their impressions and photos from the expedition to the Kuril Islands. "Everything was just great! Very good local guides. Everything was perfectly organized. They fed us local delicacies. I can't say that I like the most, because I liked ...

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Three more climb on the mountain of Giluve, in Papua New Guinea

21/10/2013 13:03

The message from clubmen of 7 Summits Club. Our three members Andrey Filkov, Alex Morozov, Vladimir Doronin just went down from the summit of Giluve. Everything is good, weather was fine. Such here happens seldom – practically never happens. Now they go down, details later. Mount Giluve is the ...

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Kuril Islands- rugged beauty. Photographs from the expedition of 7 Summits Club

26/08/2013 17:51

Kuril Islands- very rough country. Travelers should be patient and be able to wait. Due to the severe weather here is hard to get, hard to see in the fog, it is difficult to go back ... The Kuril Islands form part of the ring of tectonic instability encircling the Pacific ocean referred to as the ...

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A great day of departure for the 7 Summits Club

09/08/2013 10:55

Today, 9th of August is a great day for our Club. Three new big groups departed from Moscow to different directions. 1. Mount Kazbek expedition. It will be an international team, they meet in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Tour leader – Dmitry Ermakov. 2. The fourth in this season group of the ...

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A new world class achievement of Vyacheslav Adrov

02/08/2013 15:39

  One of the most active members of our Club Vyacheslav Adrov after traveling in Japan went to continue his adventure in the Hawaiian Islands. He climbed to the top of the highest (from sole to the top) mountain on Earth - Mauna Kea by motorcycle with a start out of underwater (with depth) of ...

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The first Russian woman on the top of Mount Kenia

11/03/2013 12:32


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Photos from climbing of the Mount of Fansipan

06/02/2013 20:19

A tour group of the 7 Summits Club made a trip to Vietnam in January 2013. We offer a look at photos from climbing the highest peak in the country - Mount Fansipan. The path goes through the jungle, by thickets. This is the fourth ascent on this mountain climbers from the 7 Summits Club. And every ...

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Kosta-Rica and Panama on New Year

25/01/2013 21:08

Guides of the 7Summits-Club Marina Nemirova and Alexay Kabanov visited Kosta-Rica and Panama during the New Year vacancy. They made a wonderful trip and share with us their photo collection...                               ...

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Noel Hanna recommends. Experience of five Everest climbs.

28/12/2012 18:45

44-year-old guide of expeditions of 7 Summits Club on Everest, our great friend Noel Hanna is 5-time Everest summiter. He is a records man for Irish. A former cop, Noel mow is focused on sport.Marathonrunner and mountaineer, he is a fitness instructor, guide and also earns from advertising. The ...

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Alexander Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko from the highest peak of Spain

27/10/2012 21:40

Abramov sends a message from the top of Mount Teide: I and Luda Korobeshko, we climbed the highest peak of Spain. We are happy! Alex and Luda each year on wedding anniversary climb one of the highest peaks of new country. This time it was the highest peak of Spain, located on the island of ...

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Marina Nemirova from Tokyo

05/08/2012 16:53

Greetings from Tokyo! Yesterday, the entire group gathered in Tokyo. And today we went to the foot of Mount Fuji. Yesterday, we went sightseeing in Tokyo. It is very hot, the temperature 32, humidity 95%. Tonight we're going to go to the top of Mount Fuji. Hello from Japan from Marina ! Good-bye!

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Finish of the trek program on Peru

08/07/2012 08:24

July 6 team led by Luda Pershina completed their program in Cuzco. July 5 group had an interesting day - we visited Machu Picchu, the sacred city of the Incas, where we spent about 5 hours. Our representatives, Margarita and Olesia, have climbed the Huayna Picchu peak. Then we had lunch in Aguas ...

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Climb Cho Oyu with the 7 Summits Club

27/06/2012 11:50

From September 10 to October 20, an expedition of 7 Summits Club will be climbing the Mount of Cho Oyu. Minimum number of participants has been collected, the expedition will be guaranteed. But you can still join us. Welcome! Program of the expedition Cho Oyu (8201 m) is the sixth highest mountain ...

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Photos from Morocco trip

14/06/2012 08:21

  Victor Bobok sent photos from Morocco. 10 th of July a group of the 7 Summits Club climbed the tallest peak of North Africa - Jebel Toubcal. Then our team continued their trip all around this formidable country...                     ...

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A new group of 7 Summits Club in Morocco

06/06/2012 18:56

Today, the team fromTyumenflew fromMoscowtoCasablanca. Guide of the 7 Summits Club Victor Bobok leads a group of 10 people. The expedition members are planning to climb the highest point of the Atlas Mountains - Toubkal (4167m), after which they go on a fascinating journey through theSaharadesert. ...

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Roman Gretzky and Alexander Lozhkin reached the North Pole. PHOTOS

23/04/2012 14:45

  Members of the 7 Summits Club Roman Gretzky and Alexander Lozhkin on April 11th, reached the extreme northern point of our planet. They came on skis in the program Last Degree. It was the first group of the season. They sent us some photos from this unforgettable trip.       ...

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Roman Gretzky and Alexander Lozhkin reached the North Pole

13/04/2012 10:14

According to our data, the members of the 7 Summits Club Roman Gretzky and Alexander Lozhkin on April 11th, reached the extreme northern point of our planet. They came on skis in the program Last Degree. It was the first group of the season. Yesterday they had already flown fromCamp Barneo on ...

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Den Saveliev from the route to Mera Peak

08/04/2012 18:37

We are at Khare at a height of 5000 meters, the weather is  again, bad. Tomorrow the plan is one more part and then we come to the camp. Everybody feels fine. Yesterday we saw coming down the British. They have not reached the summit, said that met a kind of opened crevasse, which did not ...

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Our people in the first ski expedition to the North Pole of the season.

02/04/2012 19:35

"April 1, 2012. "Barneo" reported that they have done 80% of the runway. After a day or two it will be possible to make a technical flight. Weather has improved - warmed up to -28 °, the wind died down, it is clear. "According to the preliminary plan, from April 3 it must start the first ski ...

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Photos from Mount Kenya

22/02/2012 13:44

From 12 to February 16, 2012 the 7 Summits Club team went to climb Mount Kenya. Our team: Denis Saveliev – as a guide of 7 Summits Club, Vyacheslav Adrov, Roman Gretzky. The ascent took place in the so-called blitz scheme (up to 3 days from bottom to top). Another day was spent on the descent ...

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