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Other expeditions of Seven Summits Club

We are growing, nine groups of 7 Summits Club was at the same time on the routes at the beginning of year

10/01/2012 02:59

Eight teams are in regular contact by satellite telephone. It is not always the connection is secure,but this is the first such experience. The ninth group, completing the trek in Nepal, has been inconstant communication with our Nepali representation. Thus, the following groups continue their ...

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Nepalese Expedition in memory of Steve Jobs. Join us!

10/10/2011 18:31

As many people all over the world the members of 7 Summits Club were shocked at receiving the tragic news on Steve Jobs death. To honor the memory of this outstanding person we decided to organize an expedition to Nepal in spring 2012. Our team will climb one of the nameless peaks in the Himalaya ...

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Patagonia on photos of Ivan Lukasiewich, the most beautiful view !

29/03/2011 16:14

An excellent photographer Ivan Lukasevich participated in the expedition of 7 Summits Club in Patagonia. On the party evening of our Club, he showed his work and has kindly provided them for publication on our site. Many Thanks! Now we have excellent evidence that Patagonia is truly the most ...

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A group of Luba Ivanova came from the ice of Patagonia ...

03/03/2011 17:15

Hi everybody ! Just today, March 2, we descended into Chalten after a difficult eight-day passage to Glacier fields of Patagonia. All participants are healthy and happy, they bring home lots of new impressions and beautiful photos. We'll be waiting for photo gallery from our photographer Ivan ...

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News from our teams in South America

31/01/2011 20:57

Alexander Abramov and his friends left the Ice Continent. Tomorrow we hope to see our president in Moscow. Today, the entire group of Luba Ivanova will meet in the town of Copiapo. And they immediately, all together (7 people), will go through the Atacama desert landscapes to the foot of the highest ...

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A Call from the summit of Aconcagua ! 10 climbers of 7 Summits Club on the highest point of America !

17/01/2011 19:50

Call. Short information from Victor Bobok, directly from the summit of Aconcagua. Eight members of the expedition reached the summit: Denis Abuev, Igor Barabeshkin, Alexey Boutin, Alexander Viktorov, Igor Kadochin Pavel Laktyushkin, Boris Pavlov, Igor Cherkashin. As well as our guides: Victor Bobock ...

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News from our Central Asia expeditions

26/07/2010 13:46

Yesterday, on Sunday, a group of the 7 Summits Club arrived in Alma-Ata. On the same day we climbed to the top of Kok-Tobe (1130m), which is located directly on the edge of town. The expedition began - its goal is an ascent of Mount Khan Tengri. A Guide of group - Ludmila Korobeshko, members - ...

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Matterhorn: a dream became reality

06/07/2010 17:18

Today, 6 July, a dream became reality. Under variable cloudiness and wind, three our climbers of 7 Summits Club's reached the most beautiful peak of the Alps - the Matterhorn. This is Victor Bobok, Valery Miasoyedov (St. Petersburg), Dmitry Vorobiev (Geneva). At the top of Matterhorn, they raised ...

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Victor Bobok starts to the North Pole

28/03/2010 00:19

On Saturday, the leading guide 7 Summits Club Victor Bobok flew from Moscow to Oslo. Further his path will pass through the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and the station of Barneo to the North Pole. The last 111 km, that is the last degree, Victor Bobok will lead a team of five tourists. For ...

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Deep Exploration in a Muslim country

25/02/2010 13:32

Alexander Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko rented a jeep to try for a week to get all of Morocco from Casablanca to the Sahara. The purpose of this expedition is to understand why this country is so popular in the west as the direction of adventure tourism. And on this basis to draw practical ...

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Крымская школа альпинизма - мы побывали в раю!!!

28/10/2009 17:20

Завершилась очередная поездка Клуба 7 Вершин в Крым в рамках школы альпинизма. Во время поездки было совершено восхождение на Форосскую стену по маршруту Ухо (4Б). Прямо с самолета гид Клуба Виктор Бобок приехал в офис и захлебываясь от эмоций (впрочем как обычно) рассказал о том как прошла поездка: ...

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Video: 26 July Russian helicopter MI-8 crushed on Elbrus West Rige. Alex Abramov was inside...

20/08/2008 12:14

26 July Russian helicopter MI-8 crushed on Elbrus West Rige. Alex Abramov was inside. It is second accident from 1991 year. In 1991 8 people were killed. But this time everybody is alive. The team of 9 climbers flew to west part of Elbrus massif - Kukurtlu summit 4700m. It is 1000m vertical wall ...

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Base Jumping from Seven Summits

22/07/2008 16:02

Alexander Abramov is on the Caucasus now. He works for organisation of a base-jump from the shoulder of Elbrus for a team of Valery Rozov. The elevation of that steep western face (Kiukiurtliu Wall) of Elbrus is about 800 meters, from them almost 500 - vertical wall. Alexander has been invited in ...

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Visit climbing festival and climb Elbrus

25/04/2008 14:18

We invite climbers and officials to visit our festival, to get acquaintance with our competition experience. It it really fiscinating mountain region with beautiful scenery, nice rock and mixed routes. After visiting Uzunkol we propose to join us for a unforgettable climb of Elbrus by a almost new ...

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Sergey Kofanov goes to the Jannu North Face

04/09/2007 16:55

Jannu (7710m) North Face: in a two-man team & alpine style Probably, there in no one from climbing society in Russia who has not heard the name of this Mountain. And I think that I need not go into the all attempts, both successful and failed, to summit it from the North. The Mountain remembers ...

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