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Carstensz Pyramid (sometimes called Puncak Jaya) is a mountain in the Sudirman Range, the western part of the central highlands of Papua province, Indonesia. With an of altitude 4,884 metres above sea level, Carstensz Pyramid is the highest mountain in Indonesia, the highest on the island of New Guinea, the highest of Oceania (Australia).

Carstensz Pyramid is one of the more demanding climbs in this version of the "7 Summits". It has the highest technical rating, though not the greatest overall physical demands of the 7 summits.

The standard route is nearly straight up through the north face and then continues along the summit ridge, which is all hard rock surface. Despite the nearby large goldmine, the area is highly inaccessible to climbers and the general public, requiring a helicopter flight to Basecamp or alternatively (when it is safe) a 100-km hike, which usually takes about four or five days each way.

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