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Other expeditions of Seven Summits Club

Svalbard: impressions and photos from Grigory Kuznetsov

02/04/2018 19:26

Grigory Kuznetsov and his wife Anastasia made a trip to Svalbard and after the trip sent us a report with photos:  Separately, I would like to praise Your partners from the center of Arctic tourism Grumant. The tour is organized very efficiently, excellent logistics, food, accommodation, ...

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All-all people need to visit Lake of Baikal! Review of the winter journey

06/03/2018 17:32

We got a review of the trip to Baikal from Mary Minaeva. I would like to express my gratitude for the organized trip. It is indeed deservedly included in the list of the best tour on the planet. Your partners from Irkutsk also deserve all praise. We were the first group this year and all the ...

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The team reached New Guinea. From cold - in Equatorial heat. Video and photo

03/03/2018 12:04

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club:  adventures of Russians in Papua begin!!!! We got to Jayapura after long and painful seats in planes and airports. The Papua met by the heat and the greenery. Such a contrast after the Russian frosty winter….  This time we have made ...

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SUMMIT! Maria Shevchuk and Alexander Mikhailov climbed Mount Kenya

13/02/2018 23:41

 Today there was a successful ascent of Mount Kenya by a group of the 7 Summits Club.  Mary Shevchuk and Alexander Mikhailov were members of this group.                          

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SUMMIT! Our group climbed Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa

17/01/2018 22:11

Today there was a successful winter ascent of Toubkal made by a group of the 7 Summits Club. Our congratulations!      

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Valeriy Myasoedov on the trekking route of Patagonia. PHOTOS

14/12/2017 09:06

Valeriy Myasoedov, guide of 7 summits Club from Argentina:   Hello to all from El Calafate! The program "Trekking to the foot of the Fitz Roy" was completed. The trekking route was simple though and involves 6-9 hours of trek each day. Weather is a key factor in Patagonia on this route. We ...

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Report of Maxim Shakirov about the blitz-ascent on Toubkal by a group of almost newcomers. PHOTOS

08/11/2017 11:16

Maxim Shakirov, guide of 7 summits Club: The group called "Incognito" has successfully completed the blitz expedition in Morocco!) 3 of the 4 participants reached the highest point of the country, the Atlas mountains and North Africa - Toubkal (4 167 m). The fourth member turned from a height of 3 ...

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Blitz climbing Toubkal was successful: on 75%

05/11/2017 23:45

Maxim Shakirov, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Hello from the Toubkal!) Blitz managed on 75%! Three out of four members of the expedition with a local guide Mohammed was on the Top today, November 5th! I twice went to 3 600 😂😂😂 Details and pictures from the top I hope will be ...

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Last weekend tour in southern China began

09/10/2017 21:06

One of our active members - Vladimir Gusakovsky with his wife Tatiana Sizikova this time went to China as part of our team group. His Anniversary Vladimir met on Olympus, but Tatiana is not far behind, she chose no less amazing and beautiful place! China! Congratulations to Tatiana on the ...

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Anniversary on the Mount Olympus! Congratulations Vladimir Gusakovsky!

04/09/2017 22:16

The 7 Summits Club congratulates one of the most active our climbing clients – Vladimir   Gusakovsky! We wish him good health and new memorable travel! He meets it on Mount Olympus   trek in the family circle. Vladimir and Tatiana will climb the highest mountain in Greece – ...

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Peruvian adventure the Nosov family. PHOTO

25/08/2017 12:22

Active members of the 7 Summits Club Mikhail Nosov with his son finished the first part of their adventures in Peru. They went trekking route to Machu Picchu, breaking the pass with the altitude of 4600 meters. Next, our travelers fly to   meet with caimans and anacondas in the Amazonian ...

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Olga Rumyantseva about trekking in the mountains of Tien-Shan

03/08/2017 23:59

Olga Rumyantseva, guide of the 7 summits Club:   news about our trekking "To the heart of Tien Shan". In 10 days our team went about 100 kms in the mountains of Tien Shan. We crossed rivers by wading, crawling through the moraine and walked the glaciers. And 12 people climbed to the top of the ...

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A new joint project of the 7 summits Club and Poseidon Expedition company! Join us!

31/07/2017 21:27

A unique journey on Board the world's most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker "50 let Pobedy". The tour starts in Murmansk. From here, you go to the geographic North Pole. The cruise itinerary takes you through the legendary archipelago of Franz-Joseph. You will have the opportunity to arrange the ...

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The team of Olga Rumyantseva goes to the mountains. To you in return!

24/07/2017 09:45

This morning we got acquainted with the ancient architecture of the city of Karakol – with a mosque, built in the style of a Chinese pagoda and a wooden Church built without nails. And now we finally go up into the mountains, and we will no longer be connected until return. So we could't show ...

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Armenia is a great country for tourism. Welcome, programs for all the summer! Let view beautiful photos and get inspired!

10/07/2017 18:22

Hospitable, rich in sights, comfortable and safe to travel country – it is Armenia. The program travels in Armenia  include trekking in the mountains, mountain climbing, visiting of high-mountainous lake Sevan, as well as the lost monasteries and fortresses. And stunning panoramas, the ...

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Greetings from Japan from the family of Smirnov! Photos from the first three days in Hokkaido

28/06/2017 17:31

Hi all from the land of the rising sun! For three days we travel to Japan under the program of  the 7 Summits Club "Trekking on the island of Hokkaido". We are the Smirnov family: father Igor, mother, Natasha, Nina and Elijah, 14 and 10 years respectively.           ...

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The pros and cons of our program climb to the peak of Kenya from Dmitry Khodak

08/03/2017 12:08

The 7 Summits Club expresses its gratitude to Mr. Khodak for his trust to us, which was reflected in the fact that he wrote a short, but very business-like report about the trip on the program "Climb of Mount Kenya , 4 days Safari and relaxing on the Indian ocean"! Wish new heights and look forward ...

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Climbing Mount Kenya and safari on the natural sites of the country Kenya. Photos of Natalia Dulskaya

05/03/2017 23:19

The tour of the Group of the 7 Summits Club in Kenya is over. Participants climbed one of the peaks of Mount Kenya - Point Lenana (4895 meters). Then they visited the famous Masai Mara National Park, one of the best in Africa and completed a trip on the shores of the Indian Ocean.   Full ...

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Kazbek-2017. We open the set into groups to Georgia for next summer

26/11/2016 16:51

The 7 Summits Club opened booking  of the group in 2017: Climbing Kazbek (5033 m), Georgia. Mount Kazbek - one of the most famous peaks of the Caucasus, the height of 5033 meters above sea level. Climbing requires little mountaineering experience. Georgia - a country which surprised by their ...

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The dates of beginning on the famous program "Baikal ice." We start with February 22!

16/11/2016 20:44

Traveling on the program "Baikal ice" included in the list of the best in the world - "30 of the most memorable trips” by the magazine National Geographic Traveler    This unforgettable landscapes of Lake Baikal ice, ice caves and hummocks, ice  on the rocks, ancient rock ...

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