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Thanks old 2013, it was good, intensive and learned a lot

25/12/2013 11:33

A part of workers, guides and friends of the Seven Summits Club held in a festive evening on December 24 at the restaurant Chalet (Kant). It was dedicated to celebrating the New Year. Results of the outgoing year were found to be successful, it was an eventful year and informative. The main hero of ...

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Photos and video from the evening meeting of the 7 Summits Club

26/10/2013 15:39

The evening party 24.10.2013 was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed it. Guest appearances were excellent. Vitaly Simonovic, Denis Provalov and Valery Rozov spoke with great enthusiasm, showed interesting pictures and videos. At the same time, all had plenty of time for informal communication. We will wait ...

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The 7 Summits Club invites to the party evening on October 24

21/10/2013 22:00

We invite all our friends, clubmen, participants of our travelers, everything who wants to get acquainted with our activity. You will be able to see the brightest stars of sports, to have a bite and drink beer in their company. We INVITE! On October 24 at 20-00. Shop Outdoor activities,Bolshaya ...

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Plus Kosciuszko!!!! Congratulations to Vitaly Simonovic with a new achievement!

07/10/2013 20:42

While a majority of members of the Global heroic expedition of the 7 Summits Club was quick to return home , a tireless Vitaly Simonovic continued to perform feats . After climbing to the top of Carstensz Pyramid, he stayed on the "green" continent and climbed the highest peak in mainland Australia, ...

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The upcoming anniversary of Alexander Abramov: where and with whom to meet?

09/09/2013 16:15

The 7 Summits Club Club President Alex Abramov was hardly thinking, how and where he should celebrate his forthcoming 50th anniversary. It was an idea was to go alone from the South Pole to the ocean coast. There were other thoughts. But he accepted a decision, as always, non-trivial: to meet the ...

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Vladimir Shataev on the 7 Summits Club meeting

19/03/2013 11:58

Vladimir Shataev: secrets of the mastery of the legendary climber. The legendary mountaineer domestic Vladimir Shataev came Received personally than not a little surprised. It's no joke, our guest this "Snow Leopard". The idea is we must have to go to him at the meeting, armed with a tape ...

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Weekend with benefit: 7 Summits Club went for ice-climbing and on The Feet of Russia ....

03/03/2013 16:10

On Saturday, a large delegation of 7 Summits Club visited Sablino village nearSt. Petersburg. There is the traditional place of training for ice-climbing techniques. Good pictures convey the seriousness and complexity of the training runs. In the pictures you can see Alexander Abramov, Lyudmila ...

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A beautiful day in the Elbrus region

06/02/2013 21:55

The President of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov spent several days in the Elbrus region. It was a business trip. In the village of Terskol there is a branch of 7 Summits Club. Here we opened a rental of ski and mountaineering equipment, a service for tourists from Russia and around the world. ...

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Alexander Abramov, bathed in the Epiphany frosts

21/01/2013 18:07

Alexander Abramov has recently returned fromAntarctica. So snow and ice was not scared him. And then there, and God himself commanded.   An old Russian tradition.   After Antarctica craving for cold Epiphany on a fine frosty day.     Alex Abramov and his son Maxim after bathing. ...

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New Year: Seven Summits Club starts with a record number of teams

15/01/2013 03:37

Let's count. (1) Alexander Abramov with four comrades goes by ski to the South Pole - the program "Last Degree". (2) According to the plan 10th of January, Vyacheslav Adrov and Vitali Simonovich  start for the program climbing the highest volcano in Antarctica Mount Sidley. (3) Large group ...

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Great Success of the Congress of Everest Climbers

09/11/2012 21:34

It was not like a Congress, it was a real holiday.Holidayof meetings, celebration of gratitude. More than 60 climbers from 10 countries of the former Soviet Union gathered in the lecture hall of thePolytechnicMuseum. UIAA President Fritz Vrejlandt was a guest of honor of the event. All the climbers ...

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We congratulate Andrey Podolyan with finishing of the program Seven Summits

07/11/2012 17:54

Member of the 7 Summits Club, our good friend Andrey Podolyan climbed Mount Kosciuszko almost simultaneously with the team of "Alpari on top of the world." This was his crowning ascent program 7 Summits. 7 Summits Club congratulates Andrey and wishes new heights! Bravo!     Seven Summits ...

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Video from the meeting of the 7 Summits Club

29/09/2012 20:48

  Alex Abramov, Alexandr Ruchkin, Dmitry Ermakov, Dmitry Golovtchenko and others                        

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Party meeting of the 7 Summits Club, dedicated to the birthday of the company

28/09/2012 15:39

As usual at the end of September, the 7 Summits Club celebrates the birthday of the company. On this occasion, we invite guests and cover the tables. Alexander Abramov made a short report on the summer season. Lyudmila Korobeshko described the course of the program "Alpari on top of the world." The ...

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Alexander Ruchkin, Heroes of Muztag Tower and 7 Summits Club invite all your friends for an evening meeting

27/09/2012 20:04

Traditional evening meetings of friends 7 Summits Club will be on 27th of September. It will be focused on the end of the summer season and our birthday. The legendary Russian climber Alexander Ruchkin will act as the chief guest. And for the first time, theMoscow team members will present a new ...

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Guide of the 7 Summits Club took 25th place in the competition Ultra-Tour du Mont Blanc

01/09/2012 10:52

Artem Rostovtsev, guide of the 7 Summits Club, finished 25th in the competition Ultra-Tour du Mont Blanc. Start was August 31, finish - September 1. Artem was the first runner fromRussiawho took part in this prestigious competition. His time was 13 hours, 41 minutes. Frenchman Francois d’Haene ...

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Concert on the Rocks Pastukhova (4800 m) was a great success

13/07/2012 20:32

The concert began July 13 at 13 p.m. on the Rocks Pastukhova, at an altitude of 4800 meters or a little higher .. With great difficulty the parties have raised 60 kilograms of equipment, two snowcat brought up the audience, among whom were members of the group of 7 Summits Club. The concert was, as ...

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10 16th of July Bard Concert on the slopes of Mount Elbrus

30/06/2012 10:12

 7 Summits Club became friends with a bard Arthur Gladyshev, who sang at our parties inMoscowandSt. Petersburg. We fully supported the idea of record-breaking concert at the mountain summit of Elbrus. At one time this idea was suggested by our other good friend Nick Seleznev. He died in an ...

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Member of the 7 Summits Club Mikhail Turovsky completed the program "7 Summits"!

21/05/2012 08:35

May 17, 2012 Mikhail Turovsky climbed the summit of MountMcKinley . This was his final climb in the program 7 summits . Our congratulations to Michail, who was in our team last year, climbing Everest and Vinson. It should be noted that Michail climbed solo and in a rather difficult weather ...

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News from Red Fox Elbrus Race

07/05/2012 21:27

Guide of the 7 Summits Club Artem Rostovtsev took the high fifth place (80 participants) in the today competition Red Fox Elbrus Race - "Vertical Kilometer". In front of - only world leaders and two Russians. We consider this as a success. Come on, Artem, on! Good luck in the race to Elbrus. ...

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