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Happy New Year !

31/12/2010 13:33


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We have updated the registration system on our website, please check your dates

22/11/2010 21:38

We finished the next stage of development of our Internet projects (our sites). We have made several important changes and improvements. And it is made for you, our friends. First of all, we changed the registration system. In this regard, we ask you to review your own data, which were transferred ...

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Evening party of 7 Summits Club was a great success

01/10/2010 11:03

September, 30 we had a traditional evening meeting friends of 7 Summits Club. At this time, a record number of people came to hear reports on our expeditions. The famous mountain climber, winner of the Piolet d'Or Jury Koshelenko was the chief guest. He spoke about his expeditions to Peru and the ...

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Next week, our office works in Dahab on the Red Sea

06/09/2010 17:22

 Sunday we have dedicated rest of the night flight. On Monday, all done exersizes (almost all), had breakfast, swim and started to work. Communication, of course, not ideal, but we will try all to hear and to answer everybody. And most importantly, we have already started to discuss the ...

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The programme of conference The development of mountaineering in Caucasus. State and business. The strategy of development

23/08/2010 10:52

The group of companies “SLON” invites you to international Conference “The development of mountaineering in Caucasus. State and business. The strategy of development”. The Conference will be conducted from 20th to 22nd September in hotel “Balkaria” which is near ...

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We invite you to the traditional meeting, party of the 7 Summits Club

21/06/2010 23:42

June 24, we invite you to the traditional meeting, party of the 7 Summits Club. The results of our main expedition of year - Everest, as well as many other travel (Ama Dablam, Island Peak, Kilimanjaro, Morocco, Mount Elbrus, the North Pole, Kailash and other) ... Interesting and unexpected guests. ...

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19/05/2010 15:42

PROGRAM of XIII INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL "Vertical" May, 17 (Monday) 14.00-20.00 ul. Seleznevskaya 11, page 3 Memorial Museum of Y. Senkevich Accreditation 13.30-14.00 PRESS CONFERENCE for journalists 14.00-15.30 16.00 – 20.00 Festival Competition Film Screenings «THE ICE ...

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Party of the 7 Summits Club was fantastic, thanks Rozov, Alferov .... Everyone!

26/03/2010 13:31

  Perhaps it was the best party in the history of the 7 Summits Club. First of all, thanks to famous Russian skydiver and basejumper Valery Rozov, which came out three times on the podium. His presence inspired all the other speakers be concise and accurate time. For the first time, our guides ...

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Elbrus traverse from south to north - new way to enjoy it

23/03/2010 02:18

7 Summits Club is the first adventure company starting to run a totally new Elbrus climb, which includes crossing the Elbrus Col (5300m) from the southern side to northern one. It means you go up from the bustling, noisy and more or less civilized Baksan Valley and descend into the calm and quiet ...

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7 Summits Club - January's expedition

25/01/2010 18:12

The New Yew started with the growth of activity. A record number of 7 Summits Club's expeditions held in January. All of them were successful. Here's a summary of them: 1. Expedition to the highest point of Africa - Kilimanjaro. Group as a whole has risen to the top. 2. In January There were three ...

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18/01/2010 07:56

Our friend and partner Noel Hanna, Northern Ireland based adventure sports trainer and endurance athlete finished his project named 7 SUMMITS TO SEALEVEL. It means climbing Seven summits of the world's highest peaks, followed by seven arduous and top-speed descents to Sea Level. Almost five years, ...

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Alexander Abramov invites to Everest!

26/10/2009 16:24

We have almost finished forming the group to Everest from Tibet side via Lhasa, in the Spring of 2010. But you still have a chance to join our group and become a member of the expedition to the highest point of the planet. In season 2010 we offer a record low prices. Climbing Everest in sport-style ...

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Seven Summits Clubs guests: Deutsch Keith and Baglan Zhunusov.

20/08/2009 17:00

Yesterday two guest visited Seven Summits Club - Keith Deutsch and Baghlan Zhunusov. Keith just summated highest mountain in Europe – Elbrus with Seven Summits Club guide Victor Bobok. This climb took place in the framework of the project by Tim Medvetz. Yesterday Keith flew to Moscow. The ...

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Summer season in Seven Summits Club.

10/07/2009 16:27

This summer 7 Summits Club expects a record number of expeditions. Particular emphasis will be placed on Elbrus. This expeditions will led Alexander Abramov. Expeditions will be held on different routes: from the North and South (the classic). Also other 7 Summits Club’s guides will work on ...

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Presentation of the first book of ours (written by Alex Abramov and the Team).

18/03/2009 18:53

17th of March there was a great day for the Seven Summits Club - a presentation of our first book. We named it very simple "Seven Summits", it was published by Niola Press publishing. There are three authors: Alex Abramov (main charakter), Eugeny Shtyl (main literator) and Alexader Yelkov (main ...

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Our friend and participant of many club expeditions Grigory Korisch came to a tragic end.

10/03/2009 21:59

Yesterday we received the tragic news: our friend Grigory Korisch was killed in Switzerland during his backcountry skiing. He fell down into a crack. Gregory has just returned from a successful expedition to Aconcagua. Before that in January 2009 he has climbed the Mount Vinson with our ...

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New record from Sergei Kofanov: 7 Summits in one year.

11/02/2009 12:24

February 10. Today the Russian famous climber, the youngest Russian climbers on Everest, guide of 7 Summits Club Sergei Kofanov went from Moscow to Argentina. His destination is highest mountain of South America – Aconcagua (not for the first time). But now it is climbing as part of his new ...

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Plans of The Seven Summits. The nearest expeditions

05/02/2009 08:12

One for another groups of our club go for the tallest summit of Africa – Kilimanjaro. It not only climbers, but also people of other hobbies. On 3th of February, the group of divers started from Moscow to Africa, and on 12th of February, the yoga school group goes on the same route. Later our ...

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Wellcome to audio blog of Lorenzo Gariano

16/01/2009 12:13

Lorenzo Gariano took part in expedition to Mount Vinson with Russian 7 Summit Club. Jan,2 all group stood on the top of Mount Vinson. Lorenzo has finally completed the Seven Summits - only the second Italian in history to have done so. We congradulate him and invite to his audio blog where you can ...

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Ludmila Korobeshko - first russian woman finished climbing 7 Summits! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

11/01/2009 19:43

On January 2 ten members of 7 Summits Club stood on top of Mount Vinson in Antarctica. One of them was Ludmila Korobeshko. Now she is the first Russian woman who has climbed all 7 Summits! We joyfully congratulate her!!!

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