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Alex Abramov about Everest season

18/03/2008 11:53

Everest is difficult and dangerous mountain and climbing Everest is a big risk even in good conditions. Situation today shows us that everything is against successful climb in this year. It is possible to make summit at "any price", but in this nervous situation, expeditions` Leaders and members ...

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A hot season in the Southern Hemisphere

12/02/2008 09:22

About 200 hundred climbers from our Alpindustria Travel Company have visited the Southern Hemisphere during last two month. We sent many groups to Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Kosciuszko, and Carstenz, mountain peaks being part of Seven Summits programme. As well as to mountains of Ecuador and Patagonia. ...

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Boris Korshunov to be the oldest on the top of Everest

24/01/2008 18:52

Boris Korshunov (born 31.08.1935) has signed a contract with Alexander Abramova (7 Summit Club). This time he will go to the summit of Everest not as an extreme sportsman, but as an usual client. An idea of high-speed and oxygen-free ascent is postponed. But the record of age can be established. The ...

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Wonderful year: welcome to heli-ski !

17/12/2007 20:57

We welcome you to share our unique Heli-ski experience. Our programs in the Central Caucasus will start in January. News from Elbrus: After heavy snowfalls we have good powder. In Elbrus region it was snowing during last few days. Then a cold weather came. Quite good conditions for riders. But there ...

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Moments of Glory

13/11/2007 11:00

Sergey Kofanov has arrived to the Alpindustria office on Friday. was met by pancakes with caviar. That was what he wanted the most when first time had spoken by telephone from the base camp after climb.Valery Babanov returned to the Motherland next day, exactly in his birthday. Our great climber ...

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New heli-season will start in November

11/10/2007 13:04

Alpindustria Company, leading heli-ski operator in the Centarl Caucasus has signed a new contract with "Elbrus Avia" for operating in the next season. According plans heliski season will start in November in Dombai. There will be a seminar for heliski guides, to help them to be ready for season. ...

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Dmitry Moskalyov has finished the program " 7 Summits".

14/11/2005 15:36

NEWS of " Sevem Summits Club". November, 13 Dmitry Moskalyov has finished the program " 7 Summits". He has made an ascent on the Western Peak of Elbrus (5642). Earlier he was only at the Eastern Peak of Elbrus, which is lower 21 meter, than Western. Dmitry became the second Russian (after ...

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