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Elbrus on the pages of Alpinist and in reality. Welcome !

10/04/2012 01:29

 Winter season on Elbrus smoothly into spring and summer’s Winter leaves Elbrus. No full satisfaction, but it was not disappointed. Sometimes it was not enough snow. Sometimes it was felt that not everyone decided to come. Again, the terrible tragedy of climbers on Elbrus ... But there ...

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Evening Party of the 7 Summits Club. Fedor Konyukhov and Others. Photos and Video ...

16/03/2012 10:23

  We can say about a great success, even about a record that was set yesterday at a traditional evening of 7 Summits Club. Only registered users we had 70 persons. But there were those who came later, were not calculated. So the total number of visitors at the event was about 200! Fedor ...

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Fyodor Konyukhov has agreed to become the protagonist in the evening 7 Summits Club!

21/02/2012 00:59

Traditional meeting of friends of 7 Summits Club will be held March 15 at 20:00. The place is the same: store "Activny Otdykh" on the Great Pereiaslav Street, Building 7. We will tell you about our achievements over the past few months. Let's try to highlight the most interesting and significant ...

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Courses of Russian Mountain Guides School in Austria ended

25/01/2012 22:53

Two stages of Courses of Russian Mountain Guides School in Austria ended safely. Permanent snowfalls and wind made it difficult to substantially the practical part of training. But the program has been implemented. As a result of the School for all candidates will be receiving a certificate from the ...

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Meet 2012 with real enthusiasm ! Happy New Year !

31/12/2011 16:40

What will be the main event in the coming year? This is not the London Olympics, not the NATO aggression in Syria, did not fall of the euro, not the presidential elections in Russia and did not even winter K2 ... Opening of the Higgs boson? No, much more interesting. This, of course, the End of the ...

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Russian Mountain Guides Association. Problems and prospects

10/11/2011 12:41

Russian Mountain Guides Association has summed up the first two training modules that took place in June 2011 in the alpine base Bezengi. The meeting was held within the exhibition Ski Salon in Moscow. Recall, that guides of 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov, Lyudmila Korobeshko, Denis Saveliev and ...

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Exhibition Project Ride The Planet Moscow, 9 - November 13, 2011

10/11/2011 11:59

This week is festive for the Russian fans of free-ride. In Moscow, the RideThePlanet project organized an exhibition of photographs and held a presentation of the film. Konstantin Galat came up with this project and successfully fulfilled it. During the first year the team of project visited four ...

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Guides of 7 Summits Club in the trainee camp in Crimea

13/09/2011 20:36

Hi everyone!Almost all the guide and managers of 7 Summits Club comes in the Crimea, and not just relaxing, but also to gain new knowledge and skills of the profession of mountain guide. But let’s start from the very beginning! On Saturday evening we arrived in the glorious village of ...

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To Celebrate the New Year in Antarctica!!! There are 3 places in Antarctica to the South Pole, and Massif Vinson.

09/08/2011 00:01

Programs: The ascent of Massif Vinson - the highest peak of Antarctica Expedition to the South Pole. "The last degree" (Ski tour 111км). Antarctica Hello friends! We still have the last 3 places in Antarctica to the South Pole , and Vinson Massif .Vinson Massif - check in from December 26 to ...

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Congratulations to Ludmila Korobeshko happy Birthday!!!

30/07/2011 11:08

Ours congratulations to our guide, Lyudmila Коробешко, which is now somewhere on the way to the height of the 5100м at the Peak Korzhenevskaya, happy Birthday!!!We wish Ludmila, that she always stay the same beautiful, strong and cheerful and a lot of new, interesting places and meetings!Well, for ...

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Evening Party of The 7 Summits Club - a pity that it is so seldom

23/03/2011 23:40

When one place is meeting many friends, there is a peculiar aura, there is something special sense of unity. And the sense of the meaning of what we do. Of course, this may not happen often. But I would like it to be at least four times a year. The evening party began with a demonstration of the ...

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7 Summits Club was represented at the exhibition "Go to the Alps in the summer!"

22/03/2011 21:18

Workshop "Go to the Alps in the summer!" held March 22 at KSC Bitza. It was devoted to summer holidays in the Alps. Organizers - company Skiexpo, at the request of tourism departments of Chamonix and Aosta Valley. Representatives of these regions Agnes Ducroz and Anna Sodin, well speaking in ...

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Pavel Shabalin - the main guest in the evening party of 7 Summits Club!

21/03/2011 22:38

Pavel Shabalin, one of the best climbers of the world, "Father of Ice climbing sports” and motor of sports ideas in the Mountaineering Federation of Russia. Pavel - our old friend and we are always happy to see him... Finally, we all come together. Importantly, our president and leader ...

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Traditional evening party of our Club, we invite you 23th of March

14/03/2011 23:00

Finally, we all come together. Importantly, our president and leader Alexander Abramov will be available for a few days before departure to Nepal and Tibet. “National climber of Russia” Viktor Bobok will be also, it is difficult to catch him in Moscow. Straight from the event, he will go ...

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22 th of March The 7 Summits Club will participate in workshops, dedicated summer programs in the Alps

14/03/2011 17:39

Workshop "Let's go to the Alps in the summer!" will be already presented in the 2 nd time. The theme - summer tourist potential of the Alps, of two major regions - Chamonix and Aosta Valley. Organizer - Company Skiexpo, which is organizing the exhibition ski industry in Russia – Skisalon. Tens ...

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We went to Mayrhofen to work at the backdrop of the mountains

12/03/2011 15:02

Next week most of the staff of the 7 Summits Club, including general management, will spend in the Alps. Mountain air and bright spring sun should stimulate our intellectual activities. We will be skiing and work. Together, we will discuss the strategic and tactical issues, not forgetting the ...

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Today Sergei Bogomolov celebrates 60 years

23/02/2011 11:53

Famous Russian climber, a great friend of the 7 Summits Club and the first in our country contender for "14 eight-thousanders, Sergei Bogomolov celebrates his 60 th anniversary. At the same time it is and 40 years of his climbing. We send warmest congratulations to him ! We wish to realize his dream ...

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Fedor Konyukhov will go with us to the foot of Mount Everest

09/02/2011 21:08

 Alexander Abramov visited Fedor Konyukhov, who was the first Russian climbed Seven Summits and reached two Poles. They have discussed various travel ideas, tell each other about their adventures and climbs, about Antarctica and Mount Everest. Alex was trying to learn more about the routes ...

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Karelia: another step in another direction ...

08/02/2011 19:50

Polar travel, as it turned out, it's extremely fun. Those who once experienced it, the rest of life will tend to return to high latitudes. Alexander Abramov flew home from Antarctica, full of new ideas. He is now interested in two new topics: snowmobiles and sled dogs. That is why, Alexander Abramov ...

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Today Victor Bobok celebrates his Birthdays with the group, already in Mendoza

19/01/2011 06:51

The whole group went down to Mendoza, after a hard climb of Aconcagua. Strong winds brought a lot of trouble to our climbers. Six of our climbers were forced to go down faster than expected. They benefited from a rescue helicopter, as they had frostbite. No serious injuries, but for any risk ...

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