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End of expedition, a farewell evening....

05/06/2006 16:27


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Australian climber leaves base camp

30/05/2006 16:43

KATHMANDU, Nepal, May 29 (UPI) -- Lincoln Hall, the Australian climber who survived a night in the open near the summit of Mount Everest, left base camp Monday in the back of a jeep. He was expected to arrive in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, on Tuesday, and could return to Sydney in a few days ...

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Lincoln Hall in ABC, called to his wife....

27/05/2006 15:19

News from 7Summits Club Everest expedition under the leadership of Alexander Abramov May 27 at 12.30 Chinese time rescue team of 10 Sherpa and expedition doctor Andrey Selivanov descended from the North Col. They delivered Lincoln Hall to ABC. Lincoln was able to walk on his own. During the whole ...

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Lincoln Hall came to the camp 1....

26/05/2006 20:16

At ten in the evening on local time Lincoln Hall and Sherpas accompanying him have gone down in camp on North Col (7000м). Yes! Lincoln Hall has passed without assistance the whole snow slope, from 7500 m! In camp on the Saddle doctor Andrey Selivanov met him and led to a dining tent, which is now ...

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Unique rescue operation goes on....

26/05/2006 16:17

At 16:45 on local time the group of rescuers has informed, that they have begun descent of Lincoln Hall on a rocky belt and soon hope to be in camp 8300. At 18 hours communication was already from camp 8300. Expeditions Sirdar Mingma Gelu has come here from camp ABC. He has brought plastic stokes ...

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News about Lincoln Hall, he survived the night !

26/05/2006 14:43

The information was transferred at 10:51 Moscow time. News about Lincoln Hall. May, 25 at 19:20 Sherpas have stopped the rescue operation proceeding more of 9 hours at height about 8700 meters. They have verified the fact of death of Lincoln Hall, on the basis of that from 17:00 till 19:20 he did ...

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The summit became a trap for climbers....

25/05/2006 22:08

18:30 Moscow time. Alexander Abramov by the phone from camp ABC. 21 – 25th of May good weather kept on the Everest, the wind was very weak. May, 25 in midnight a team of Lincoln Hall (Australia), Тhomas Weber (Germany), guide Harry Kikstra (Holland) in support of 5 high-altitude porters has left ...

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It was a fatal day for us...

23/05/2006 12:04

I also want to tell about events of May, 21-22 which occured not in area of summit and second camp. May, 21 the second group planned an exit for the North Col. There were 4 Australian climbers, and among them father and son, Richard and Christopher Harris. From the first steps from АВС the son, ...

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Igor Plyushkin was lost on slopes of Everest.

22/05/2006 22:47

May, 21 the first group of climbers, 20 person (9 members, 2 guides and 9 high-altitude porters) makes an attempt to reach the summit of Everest. Climbers have left camp at height of 8300 meters in midnight. All group used artificial oxygen during the ascent. By 10 a.m. 16 persons have reached the ...

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The hot news - 16 summiters !

21/05/2006 13:30

Today May, 21, at 8 a.m. Tibet time ( 4 a.m. on Moscow ) the first climbers from our expedition have reached the summit of Everest. There were a guide Sergey Kofanov (Russia), sirdar Mingma Gelu Sherpa (it is his 6 ascents), 3 more Sherpas. Slate Stern (USA), Henrik Olsen (Denmark), Arcady Ryzhenko ...

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Vladimir Lande - the first Russian on Everest....

18/05/2006 13:33

18th of May. Ludmila Korobeshko and Alexander Abramov from АВС, 6400м. The main event of last days: Vladimir Lande successfully summited Everest - May, 15 at 9.00. He has spent, from 8300 up to the top, about 6 hours, very good time. Vladimir climbed together with Nima Sherpa, then they have ...

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Photo Impression from Taschi Dzom (Harry Kikstra)

17/05/2006 14:29

We will be leaving Taschi Dzom in a few hours, on our way to BC, ABC, NC & ...... This little village is nothing more than a crossroad with a few mud houses, but I always love it here. If you take the time to just sit somewhere for some time an dlet local life pass you by, you can get some views ...

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Information from Noel Hanna

16/05/2006 18:31

Mon 15/May/06 15 May, 06 - 12:03 I am back at B.C. now getting gear + oxygen masks sorted out. I hope to go to IBC 2moro + ABC on Wed. If the weather forecast is good on Wed. for a few days i will hopefully push on up to N.C. and to higher camps 7700mts +8300mts. Everything from here on is ...

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Harry Kikstra report. 15-May: up to 7400m, down to 4200m....

16/05/2006 14:39

.....At the back was our senior guide Nickolay Cherni, though 67 years old, one of the strongest men on the planet. A walking history of climbing, last year he guided our first group of clients to the summit (age 66!). The Sherpas lovingly call him `Papa` and he will kick many people half his age`s ...

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Nikolay Cherny leaves expedition...

14/05/2006 21:10

May, 13. Today the part of guides (the second team) has gone down in Tashi Dzong, on height of 4200 meters, for the final rest and preparation for an ascent. The first team came in Tashi Dzong early. We have met here Igor Svergun, Lorenzo Gariano and Noel Hanna. Now we are together, tomorrow Igor ...

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End of acclimatization.... New Photos

13/05/2006 13:34


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Second Team went to the North Col....

11/05/2006 17:56

Our first team under the leadership of Igor Svergun and Sergey Kofanov has spent two nights on the North Col, at height of 7100 meters and has made an acclimatization outing to the 7500 meters. The first team, 10 persons, has gone down today in АВС camp. Then they have left to the base camp where ...

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A yak as a gift....

06/05/2006 16:40

Last night we have started to mark day Sergey Kofanova`s birth in BC. Today in mornings we have continued, having presented him a yak as a gift. Today in the morning the caravan from 12 yaks has come in camp. We have shipped on them all our oxygen. Yesterday guys have spent about 3 hours, they ...

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High life in the Base Camp + New Photos

05/05/2006 21:31


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BC - ABC - BC world female record

03/05/2006 19:47


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