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Everest. Rest day. Sexy picture of Noel Hanna.

23/04/2009 11:30

April, 22. As the days are getting longer and the Sun is becoming warmer we are getting ready to head up for our second acclimatization trip tomorrow. Given earlier sunrise we are planning for a 5 am start up the Icefall. We will spend next two nights in Camp 1 (6000m)and Camp 2 (6400m) before ...

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Everest. Acclimatization trip to Camp 1.

20/04/2009 12:17

April,19. The entire team returned to the base camp today after successfull acclimatization trip to Camp 1 at 6000m. Crossing Khumbu Icefall was the first serious exercise of the trip. The Icefall is constantly moving, so we had to leave early before the sun started to melt the ice formations, some ...

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First ascent of Amadablam by Seven Summits Club!!!

19/04/2009 12:40

April 18, the team of 7 Summits Club reached the top of Amadablam (6856m). First in this season. The team members to stand on the top were: Victor Bobok, Alexander Perepelkin and Sonam Sherpa Base camp was Pangboche. They set up Camp 1 ( 5600 ), then next day Camp 2 ( 6000m), and the last camp was ...

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Everest - 2009. Ice training.

16/04/2009 17:01

Training on ice and further equipment testing took place today not far from the camp site. Sherpa team started setting up two higher camps above Kumbu Ice Fall, and the team will rest tomorrow before heading up and crossing the full length of the Fall and spending the night at Camp 1, which is ...

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Everest - 2009. Buddhist puja ceremony.

15/04/2009 13:08

Buddhist puja ceremony this morning officially opened our camp and the blessing was given to the climb, the climbers and climbing gear. Now buddhist prayer flags criss-cross the camp. In the afternoon the climbing team made its first incursion to Khumbu Ice Fall. The roundtrip took 3 hours during ...

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Everest expeditions. First day at the Base camp.

14/04/2009 21:44

April 14 - our first full day at the Base Camp (5300m). Last night we fell asleep to periodic rumble of rock and ice from surrounding slopes. While the slopes are a safe distance away, the sound of the rumble was still drammatic. We spent the night in our brand new tents (each group member has ...

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Everest expedition arrived to the Base Camp.

13/04/2009 17:00

Today all the participants of the Everest expedition led by Alexander Abramov arrived to the Base Camp. They had a holiday dinner on this subject. During the lunch Alex Abramov announced the program for the following days. In the next two days, participants will have a rest, check the equipment and ...

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7 Summits Club team reached the North Pole!

13/04/2009 13:44

April 10, 7 Summits Club team reached the North Pole. During the trip participants had skiing more than 100 kilometers. They had to go through open water "leads" and over pressure rid ges. Despite the cold and the many adventures whole group has reached 90 degrees north - the North Pole. This is the ...

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Island Peak climbed by our team!

12/04/2009 15:44

April,9 Today 7 Summits Club team led by Viktor Bobok has climb Island Peak (6130m). According to local people it was the first successful ascent to Island Peak in this season. It was acclimatization climb before the main goal of this expedition - Ama Dablam (6858 meters). Our congratulations!!!!

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Everest expedition. We arrived to Namche bazaar.

09/04/2009 16:48


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Expedition to the North Pole - all taking place as planned

06/04/2009 14:39

After two days stay in Longyearbyen (Norway), where the participants of expedition met, make acquaintance with each other, tested equipment, all members of the expedition to the North Pole by plane went to Borneo Ice Camp. Then thay moved by a helicopter to 89 degrees north latitude and 160 degrees ...

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Alex Abramov from Kathmandu: we tried to fly to Lukla.

05/04/2009 16:48

Yesterday we went to the airport in order to fly to Lukla. We passed the queue other expeditions, draggled our trunks, got into a small plane. After 15 minutes we were asked to go out and wait, because the weather in Lukla became bad. But five minutes later we again went to take off. Weather ...

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Everest expedition. We has got a Permit.

03/04/2009 22:01

Alex Abramov from Kathmandu: Yesterday all participants of the expedition came to Kathmandu. There is the list of participants of the expedition: Guides Russia Abramov Alexander Russia Bogatyrev Maxim Russia BOBOK Victor Russia CHERNYY Nikolay Dr. Uzbekistan Matkhalikov Avazkhon Participants Russia ...

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Ludmila Korobeshko is going to the North Pole.

30/03/2009 22:01

March,28. Seven Summits Club’s expedition to the North Pole has started. The legendary guide of Seven Summits Club Ludmila Korobeshko will take part in this expedition. Yesterday participants of the expedition arrived to Longyearbyen (Norway). In Longyearbyen thay will check-out individual and ...

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Expedition to Ama-Dablam has started.

28/03/2009 22:08

27 March, 7 Summits Club expedition started off. The team leaded by Viktor Bobok 7 Summits Club guide) has taken off to Nepal. The main goal of this expedition is one of the most spectacular mountains in the world and a true alpinist’s dream - Ama Dablam (6858 meters). Ama Dablam is one of the ...

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Himalayan Women to Seven Summits will go with Alex Abramov.

27/03/2009 21:42


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Service in Moscow

27/03/2009 17:30

Hotel accommodation in Moscow. Here is a number of hotels with reasonable location/ service/price ratio. Prices are in rubles per a standard room per night. Hotel Single Double/ Twin Breakfast RUB EUR USD RUB EUR USD "Cosmos" hotel, 4* 4050 89 121 4700 103 141 buffet, included “Izmailovo ...

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Everest expedition. The first rock climbing competitions in Kathmandu.

26/03/2009 16:33


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Everest 2009. Expedition has started.

23/03/2009 15:39

March 20, the advance team of Seven Summits Club Everest Expedition started off for Katmandu. The team consists of: Abramov Alexander (leader), Nikolay Cherny (guide), Maxim Bogatiryov (guide). They arrived in Nepal before the whole group, to prepare everything necessary for the expedition. Then ...

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Presentation of the first book of ours (written by Alex Abramov and the Team).

18/03/2009 18:53

17th of March there was a great day for the Seven Summits Club - a presentation of our first book. We named it very simple "Seven Summits", it was published by Niola Press publishing. There are three authors: Alex Abramov (main charakter), Eugeny Shtyl (main literator) and Alexader Yelkov (main ...

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