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A hot season in the Southern Hemisphere

12/02/2008 09:22

About 200 hundred climbers from our Alpindustria Travel Company have visited the Southern Hemisphere during last two month. We sent many groups to Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Kosciuszko, and Carstenz, mountain peaks being part of Seven Summits programme. As well as to mountains of Ecuador and Patagonia. ...

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To the highest peak of Oceania...

10/02/2008 15:59

The 7 Summits Club and Alpindustria Adventure Team: To the highest peak of Oceania. The first Russian commercial expedition to Carstencz [Puncak Jaya] had started on 9th of February. There are 6 persons in the team under leadership of Alex Abramov. His old friends Dmitry Moskalev (from Moscow) and ...

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Czech mountaineers climbed Aconcagua via a new route

07/02/2008 18:37

Czechs climbed new route on Aconcagua Czech mountaineers Leopold Sulovsky and Josef Lukas climbed Aconcagua (6 962 m) via a new route in the west face. "Sometimes it was quite difficult route," Sulovsky said after return to base camp. They reached the top on January 30th 2008 on the evening and ...

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Japanese Man Is Oldest to Scale 7 Highest Peaks

28/01/2008 11:55

Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) -- A 71-year-old Japanese man climbed Mount Vinson Massif, the highest mountain in Antarctica, becoming the oldest person to scale the tallest peaks in the world`s seven continents, Kyodo News reported. Tomiyasu Ishikawa, the head of a mountaineering association in Aichi ...

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Boris Korshunov to be the oldest on the top of Everest

24/01/2008 18:52

Boris Korshunov (born 31.08.1935) has signed a contract with Alexander Abramova (7 Summit Club). This time he will go to the summit of Everest not as an extreme sportsman, but as an usual client. An idea of high-speed and oxygen-free ascent is postponed. But the record of age can be established. The ...

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Everest after 75

17/01/2008 12:08

Reuters report that 76-year-old Min Bahadur Sherchan from Nepal plans to climb Everest aided by 12 Nepali sherpas before returning to a senior home he wants to open after summit. Sherchan reportedly wants to inspire young folks to climb. While it`s unclear what his previous climbing experience is; ...

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Russian climbers see in New Year on World`s highest volcano

15/01/2008 11:48

While most of us are happy with traditional New Year celebrations, some brave souls prefer extremes. A group of Russian climbers were on top of the world to see out the final seconds of 2007. They trekked to the top of world`s highest volcano, Ojos del Salado in Chile. Most Russians believe New ...

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Russian Federal Security Service exercises take place on top of Mount Elbrus

13/01/2008 08:51

Russian Federal Security Service exercises take place on top of Mount Elbrus Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) helicopter Mi-8 has landed group of the spetsnaz members, led by the FSB Director, Army General Nikolai Patrushev, on top of the Mount Elbrus in European Russia (18,510 feet), Russian ...

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Irish team reaches South Pole. Pat and Clare - congratilations !

10/01/2008 19:59

Irish team reaches South Pole A four-strong team made history last night becoming the first Irish expedition to reach the South Pole. The team - leader Pat Falvey (50), Dr Clare O`Leary (35), Jonathan Bradshaw (36) and Shaun Menzies (42) - arrived at their destination after covering the final 23 ...

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ONE Campaign: Seven summits

07/01/2008 17:23

Dan Robinson, who works at Langley Air Force Base, will begin a 2-year humanitarian campaign this week. British Royal Air Force pilot Dan Robinson, on El Dorado Peak in Washington, intends to climb the seven continents` highest summits and plant the ONE campaign flag at the top of each of them. Dan ...

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Solo climber scales 6th of `7 summits`

31/12/2007 08:03

Solo climber scales 6th of `7 summits`The Yomiuri Shimbun A Sapporo mountaineer reached the summit of the highest mountain in Antarctica early Saturday, leaving only Mt. Everest remaining in his bid to scale the highest peaks on all seven continents by himself. Nobukazu Kuriki reached the top of the ...

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Briton Adrian Hayes in `Three Poles` record....

29/12/2007 14:08

Briton Adrian Hayes in `Three Poles` record.... A British explorer has broken the record for reaching the world`s "Three Poles" - the North Pole, South Pole and Mount Everest - in the fastest time. Adrian Hayes, 45, took five months off the record when he reached the South Pole Friday night, having ...

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A boy on a mission, 11 years old for 4th of seven

20/12/2007 15:45

Next time you think it’s cold outside, think about Jordan Romero. The 11-year-old is headed for climates unthinkable to most people with temperatures 20 degrees below zero on the warm side. For Jordan, it’s just another day on his quest. Jordan set out two years ago to become the ...

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Wonderful year: welcome to heli-ski !

17/12/2007 20:57

We welcome you to share our unique Heli-ski experience. Our programs in the Central Caucasus will start in January. News from Elbrus: After heavy snowfalls we have good powder. In Elbrus region it was snowing during last few days. Then a cold weather came. Quite good conditions for riders. But there ...

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Our cingratulations to Dr. Sutcliffe

13/12/2007 12:34

Can I confirm details of completing the 7 summits, all at the first attempt!- luck more than judgment. My name is Dr Alistair Sutcliffe, address Moor Lodge, Brackenhill Lane, Sleights, North Yorkshire. Order of summits: 1. Aconcagua, summit via Vacas Valley, leader Mark Tucker, from International ...

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Christian Stangl made it...

10/12/2007 11:00

The seven highest summits of all continents within a glimpse of time to become world record. Vienna – December 9th, 2007. Nine hours and ten minutes from the base camp to the summit: Extreme alpinist Christian Stangl has reached Mount Vinson’s peak – with it’s 4,892 m the ...

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Russia`s Seven Wonders

30/11/2007 17:47

What To See - Russia`s Seven Wonders Art, architecture and culture join with virgin wilderness and sun-splashed beaches, making Russia truly an adventurous traveler`s wonderland. From the volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka, through the Siberian taiga to the mineral spas around the Black Sea coast, ...

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Moments of Glory

13/11/2007 11:00

Sergey Kofanov has arrived to the Alpindustria office on Friday. Не was met by pancakes with caviar. That was what he wanted the most when first time had spoken by telephone from the base camp after climb.Valery Babanov returned to the Motherland next day, exactly in his birthday. Our great climber ...

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Summit! Today Valery Babanov and Sergey Kofanov were on the top of Jannu!

21/10/2007 21:16

21.10.2007 At 9:10 a.m. Valery and Sergey called from 7710 meters, from the summit of Jannu! Yesterday, 20th of October, at 10 a.m. they started from 7 400 m, went just right up the head wall and climbed it mainly by the south side of ridge. To climb faster they left part of equipment and took ...

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Karo Ovasapyan has set his sights on Greenland

19/10/2007 17:42

Burbank mountaineer conquers the Seven SummitsBY MARIO AGUIRRE, 10/19/2007 He`s skied the North and South poles, conquered the Seven Summits and planted the flags of the United States and Armenia atop Mount Everest. Now, 47-year-old adventurer Karo Ovasapyan has set his sights on Greenland, where he ...

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