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Уникальное предложение по Монблану. Есть свободное место – цена ниже на 15%

24/05/2017 23:23

СКИДКА 15% на восхождение на Монблан с гидом на 1-8 июля 2017 года. Вместо 1590 евро  - всего 1350 евро. Одно свободное место, присоединяйтесь! Предложение действительно до 5 июня 2017 года.   Все детали программы здесь >>>>>>>    Альпы ждут Вас!   ...

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The summit day in the photos - 25 unique images from the route on Everest!

23/05/2017 21:01

May 22 at 4: 30 am Nepal time the second team of the 7 summits Club reached the summit of Everest. These were: Valery Tebiev, Daniil Briman, Eugene Kravt, Aznaur Akkaev, Alexander Abramov (his 8th times). Now they have gone down to the base camp. All climbers feel fine. Tomorrow or the day after ...

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SUMMIT!!! Our group climbed Mount Everest. Good luck on the descent!

22/05/2017 07:01

An hour ago, Alexander Abramov reports, that today, May 22th, at 4: 30 am Nepal time, the team reached the summit of Mount Everest. Have a good descent, guys!  At 6 am in Moscow all members were already on 8300 and continued the descent.  The summit was reached by: Valery Tebiev, Daniil ...

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The team is in good form, the prognosis is good - a few hours left before  a start of a summit bid

21/05/2017 14:38

Alexander Abramov, leader of the expedition, from camp 8300.  Our entire team at 8300. Already above Cho-Oyu. In General, as this is our 4th outing, everyone is feeling great. All parts of the route: base camp – middle camp, middle camp – ABC, ABC– 7000, 7000 – 7800, ...

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SUMMIT!!! After today's  climb on Everest Janusz Kochanski became the world record holder

20/05/2017 19:11

Alexander Abramov, leader of the expedition, from the camp 7800.  Today at 7500, we met Janusz Kochanski, our member from Poland, which is already the second time takes part in our expeditions on Everest. We let him go ahead of our group to make a world record. And he did it. After today's ...

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Group of Alex Abramov moved to 7800, the team of Sergey Larin is waited in base camp

20/05/2017 18:11

 Alexander Abramov, leader of the expedition, from the slopes of Everest.  Our team Abramov Alex, Briman Daniil, Kravt Eugene, Tebiev Valery, Akkaev  Aznaur – all climbed to 7800. We feel excellent. The weather is a little windy. With us four Sherpas are going up. We already ...

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SUMMIT! Our first group climbed on Mount Everest

19/05/2017 13:37

 Alexander Abramov, leader of the expedition, from the slopes of Everest. Hi! From the North Col at 7,000 m. Today, our group climbed up the Saddle, with a plan to climb the summit at 22th May. Today Andrei Starikovsky at 6:00 am climbed up to the top of Everest. Later the rest of the first ...

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Day the 32nd on Everest, the team of Sergey Larin went to their starting positions for a summit bid

18/05/2017 21:12

Alexander Abramov, leader of the expedition, from the slopes of Everest. Day 32. May 18. The Expedition of the  7 Summits Club Everest-2017. Today, the team of Alexander Abramov moved to camp ABC at 6400m. Hence it is a hand... the foot of the mountain Today the group under the ...

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Our two teams are moving in the direction of the summit of Mount Everest

17/05/2017 20:42

Alex Abramov from Tibet. Day 31.  May 17. Expedition the 7 Summits Club “Everest 2017”. Today, our well-rested team (3 days we were recovering at the base camp) again came from the base camp towards the summit. The plan: to climb to the top on May 22th. We are now on the 5800 camp. ...

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Alex Abramov reporting from Everest

17/05/2017 06:48

Day... May 17, 2017 7 Summits Club Everest 2017 Expedition. Yesterday, Lakpa Sherpa returned to Base Camp after summiting Everest for the 8th time! New World Record for women! Our second team is starting today from the Base Camp. With summit day set for May 22nd! Yanush Khohansky is in this team. ...

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Alexander Abramov from base camp: Hooray! There is a new world record from made by the member of our expedition!

14/05/2017 19:16

May 14. Yay! Hooray For The 7 Summits Club!!!! There is the first ascent on Everest in 2017! This is the team of the 7 Summits Club:  Nima Dorji Sherpa (9th time on the top) and the Female World record holder Lhakpa Sherpa, climbed Mount Everest 8th time!!! According to her story, the weather ...

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At the start! Ready! Go! The first group of  the 7 summits Club goes from base camp to the assault of Mount Everest!

12/05/2017 06:27

The leader of the expedition on Everest Alex Abramov from Tibet.  Day 26. May 12. The expedition  of the 7 summits Club Everest-2017. Friends, we go up to the assault of Mount Everest in about an hour. The first group is under the leadership of Alex Abramov. Daniil Briman, Eugeny Kravt, ...

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The team of  the 7 Summits Club Everest-2017 returned to the base camp and preparing to go on climbing Mount Everest

11/05/2017 20:15

The leader of the expedition on Everest Alexa Abramov from Tibet.  Day 24. May 10th . The expedition 7 summits Club Everest-2017. In the morning, the Chinese called us to the feast of cleaning debris. There were a lot of journalists. Then all dispersed. And I happily went to the village ...

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Photos from the second acclimatization climb to the North Col

09/05/2017 20:29

Alexander Abramov has sent photographs illustrating previous posts. It was the second acclimatization exit, during which the team climbed to the camp on the North Saddle (North Col) and spent a night there. Everything goes according to the plan, and today our team is celebrating the Victory Day in ...

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Artem Rostovtsev returned from the Mera Peak by helicopter and saw Everest from Namche Bazaar. PHOTO & VIDEO (cool)

08/05/2017 22:04

  Artem Rostovtsev, a guide of the 7 Summits Club:   For All, Nepali Hello! After yesterday's ascent on Mera Peak, today we successfully evacuated by helicopter to Lukla. Most of the team immediately flew to Kathmandu and then home, the program is completed. Others, who think it is not ...

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Alex Abramov from the slopes of Everest: the team successfully reached camp on the North Col, the night passed quietly

08/05/2017 10:48

Alex Abramov, the leader of the expedition from the North Col camp: Day 21. May 7. The Expedition of the 7 Summits Club Everest-2017.   In the morning our whole team was ready to quickly run to the North Col for acclimatization. But then from the heaven came the order came to organize Puja. ...

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Summit!!! Mera Peak climbed

07/05/2017 15:55


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Alex Abramov on the records of our expedition and future plans

06/05/2017 23:30

Alex Abramov from camp ABC: Day 20. May 6. The expedition of the 7 summits Club Everest-2017.  By the way, I slept on my 5800 fine, which indicates a good acclimatization. Yesterday to the Middle camp I came in 4:50. Today, from Middle camp to ABC - 5:30. A good time, given that it was ...

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Alex Abramov from the slopes of Everest: nobody wants to take responsibility. The issue with the equipment of the route to the top is not solved...

06/05/2017 20:47

Day 19. 5th of May. The expedition of the 7 Summits Club Everest 2017.  First day of second acclimatization. The report from the height of 5800 meters. We will again rise to 5800, 6500 and then to 7000 meters. I reached Middle camp in 4:50.  On the way I spoke with many leaders of ...

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SUMMIT!!! A group of Olga Rumyantseva climbed the Mount of Huayna Potosi

06/05/2017 07:11

Hello from Bolivia! For the past three days we have a lot of things  happened. We climbed to the lower hut on Huayna Potosi, where some members understood what the mountain sickness. Still, the altitude (4800 m) had an effect. But, having overcome all the difficulties, the next day we went to ...

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