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Photos of Olga Rumyantseva from the ascent on Ruka Pichinchu

28/03/2017 05:34

Today, all the members of our group, in the conditions of total fog and approaching thunderstorm, climbed onto the volcano Ruku Pichincha. We did not find snow there. Apparently, Artem's group carried it all away ...            

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Artem Rostovtsev on the ascent of the group and on Ruka Pichinchu and a meeting with colleagues

27/03/2017 23:50

Hello, Seven Summits! Yesterday we went to the home volcano of the capital of Ecuador, Ruku Pichincha. Thus, we took the first step towards the main goal of the trip - the volcano Chimborazo. Precipitation here is already the second month of regular, we were spared only on the rise up. At the top ...

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Olga Rumyantseva from the capital of Ecuador: our group met in Quito

27/03/2017 12:21

Olga Rumyantseva: Our group today finally met in Quito. Tomorrow we set out on the tracks of the Artem Rostovtsev group. And today - acquaintance with the city and each other ...              

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Group of Artem Rostovtsev made their first climb in Ecuador - on Rucu Pichinchu

27/03/2017 11:27

Photos from Artem Rostovtsev. Today the group, led by the guide of the 7 Summits Club Artem Rostovtsev, performed a heroic ascent to Ruka Pichinchu. The ascent took place in severe weather conditions. Details will be later from Artem himself ...          

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New photos and VIDEO from Lyudmila Korobeshko

21/03/2017 07:35

For the first time in many years, the team of the 7 Summit Club used a helicopter to reach the base camp of the Pyramids of arstensz. Sorry a bit of the Papuans in the jungle, they are so bored without our tourists. Terrorists again lost their feeding, but they are not sorry. The mountain, as ...

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Maksut Zhumayev: Expedition of the 7 Summits Club to the arstensz Pyramid (4884 m). PHOTOS (Cool!)

21/03/2017 06:11

SUMMIT!   March 17, the night before the ascent I could not sleep. At first it was chill, after midnight the moon came out, illuminating everything around as in a daytime, in the morning it began to rain. But we decide to go on the route.  March 18, 2017 at 4:30  it was a light ...

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Blitz is the end of the blitz program at Carstensz The group is already resting in Bali!

19/03/2017 15:22

Ludmila Korobeshko: Early this morning, a helicopter flew in the Yellow Valley  for taking  us. So our the fast expedition to Pyramid Carstensz ends quickly, successfully and cheerfully. P.S. Maksut Zhumayev is with us, but for some reason he is not in the photo again. Probably, he loads ...

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SUMMIT! Our team conquered Pyramid Carstensz

18/03/2017 14:32

Ludmila Korobeshko:  The first night, today, March 18, we climbed to the top in 5 hours and 15 minutes. Then we descended in the pouring rain along the riverbeds. Now I know what canyoning is! We are waiting for the helicopter tomorrow.                 ...

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The rains left the group in Timika, maybe tomorrow we will be lucky

16/03/2017 15:13

Lyudmila Korobeshko, guide and director of the 7 Summits Club: Today we stood at 4.30. At 5.00 we were already at breakfast. All the night it was raining. But we hoped that by the time of our flight it will stop. However, this did not happen. Waited in stand-by mode until 13.00. Then we relaxed. ...

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Lyudmila Korobeshko: a dramatic day over the jungle of the country of the Papuans

15/03/2017 14:02

This morning at 6:00 the main team came  to Timika. We quickly overloaded everything into a helicopter. There was a lot of  cargo, so the helicopter must became as easy as possible. When they took off the back door, I felt somehow uncomfortable. When we loaded into the salon, in the ...

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Volgograd (EXPEDITION OF DEVELOPMENT) on Kilimanjaro. PHOTOS from the Machame route, a huge gallery

13/03/2017 22:43

  The group from Volgograd 11 people, including children, climbed to the highest peak of Africa in February 2017. They traveled on a seven-day version of the Machame route. And although it was not easy, the impressions were the most vivid and positive. This is a note of their leader Stanislav ...

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The most interesting expedition of the year, to arstensz, begins today. Follow the news from New Guinea

13/03/2017 16:21

Lyudmila Korobeshko, expedition guide and company director of the 7 Summits Club: Today, Monday, March 13, the expedition of the 7 Summits Club to Pyramid Carstensz begins. This is the most mysterious and hard-to-reach mountain from the 7 Summits project.  This morning  the main part of ...

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The pros and cons of our program climb to the peak of Kenya from Dmitry Khodak

08/03/2017 12:08

The 7 Summits Club expresses its gratitude to Mr. Khodak for his trust to us, which was reflected in the fact that he wrote a short, but very business-like report about the trip on the program "Climb of Mount Kenya , 4 days Safari and relaxing on the Indian ocean"! Wish new heights and look forward ...

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Climbing Mount Kenya and safari on the natural sites of the country Kenya. Photos of Natalia Dulskaya

05/03/2017 23:19

The tour of the Group of the 7 Summits Club in Kenya is over. Participants climbed one of the peaks of Mount Kenya - Point Lenana (4895 meters). Then they visited the famous Masai Mara National Park, one of the best in Africa and completed a trip on the shores of the Indian Ocean.   Full ...

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Report of Artem Rostovtsev of climbing Mount Orizaba. Many photos

01/03/2017 22:04

Artem Rostovtsev, the 7 Summits Club guide: 28 February, Mexico Orizaba. As was laid on February 28th, we had to say goodbye the winter by the best way. We climbed the volcano Orizaba. While in Moscow, it was slightly warm and slushy, it was cold at the top of Orizaba, windy and around the ...

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Summer is over. Impressions of participants of the expedition to Antarctica, on Mount Vinson - photo and video

28/02/2017 11:12

Our New Year groups climbers on Mount Vinson (guide - Alexander Abramov, guide-intern - Vladimir Kotlyar) shares their  impressions. Eugene Lesnitsky offers a wonderful video clip, we have not seen such  Antarctica before!     And our foreign members Nicolas Magnin (France) and ...

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Photos from La Malinche and from excursions in Mexico by Artem Rostovtsev

27/02/2017 05:11

Artem Rostovtsev, the 7 Summits Club guide: All participants and the guides climbed the volcano La Malinche (4500m) After spending  night at 2300m, all handled "perfectly" with numerous jumps over the rocks before the summit. We watched from the top at Mount Orizaba away, today we start to ...

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Goodbye, Kilimanjaro! The goal is made, thank you all!

26/02/2017 09:35

Lyudmila Korobeshko, a guide and director of the 7 Summits Club: Today the group Pili-Pili Manga (translated from Swahili means "black pepper") leaves home. Yesterday our Tanzanian friends prepared a romantic farewell breakfast for us and in the Millennium camp  they gave us a farewell ...

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The first report from the expedition to Mexico by Artem Rostovtsev: acclimatization and civilization

24/02/2017 20:04

  Artem Rostovtsev, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: Mexico. Orizaba. Yesterday there was the first full day of our Mexican expedition. The main goal - Orizaba. We have begun to acclimate, not leaving civilization. Yesterday we spent for visiting pyramids of Teotihuacan, we counted two ascents on ...

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Season on Aconcagua completed, our guides dried tents ...

24/02/2017 19:31

For our tandem "Sturdy and Powerful" (Sergej Larin and Vladimir Kotlyar) – today is a great day of drying. We're getting ready to leave home. But first, we need to prepare equipment to preserve it for a year in Mendoza.        

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