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18.04.2021, Everest - Lhotse 2021*
Group "Lhotse 8516" of the expedition of the 7 Summits Club "Everest-Lhotse 2021" spent a day among of beautiful mountains in the vicinity of Namche Bazaar

17.04.2021, Nepal 2021
The team of the 7 Summits Club on Mera Peak reached the village of Kothe, everything is in order!

12.04.2021, Mexico 2021
Summit! Mikhail Dedyukhin and Marina Vagina climbed Orizaba volcano

05.04.2021, Cycle of memories
Everest from the South for the first time. Video from the Everest-2009 expedition of the 7 Summits Club

27.03.2021, Preparation course for Everest, Denali and Vinson - 2021
The third group of preparation courses for climbing Mount Everest, Denali and in Antarctica fully completed all the tasks

24.03.2021, Kilimanjaro 2021
Kilimanjaro is waiting for you! February photos from a member of the 7 Summits Club group

20.03.2021, Crimea 2021
Photos from the Crimea. The 7 Summits Club guides Natalia Marinkevich and Alexander Abramov on Ai-Nikola rocks

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